37-2 2CD
Catalog # 4DF 081/082
Release Year  2011
2CD Length 75:00 / 30:15
Date/Venue Glam Slam Miami, June 8th (am) 1995
Source Soundboard/Audience Matrix
Quality EX+ / EX
Rating 5.0/5.0

Track Listing
Disc 1
Glam Slam Miami, June 8th (am) 1995
1. Endorphinmachine
2. The Jam
3. Shhh
4. Days Of Wild
5. Now
6. Funky Stuff
7. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
8. P Control
9. Letitgo
10. Pink Cashmere
11. (Lemme See That Body Get) Loose!
12. Thunderstorm
13. Count The Days
14. The Return Of The Bump Squad
15. Oriental Interlude*
16. 7*

Disc 2
1. Get Wild*
2. Johnny*
3. Interlude*
4. Billy Jack Bitch*
5. Gold*

* Audience Recording

Deane's Comments (rates this release 5.0/5.0)
This is partly a matrix recording taken from Moonraker's 'June VII' and 'The Return Of The Bump Squad', melting the soundboard and audience recordings to offer the best possible version with the best possible sound. Even if the sources used were good, hundreds of nearly unnoticeable mini-glitches were still present on both Moonraker's and Sabotage's versions. It was about time they were definitively and properly fixed.

CD2 clocks in at little more than 30 minutes, but we dropped the idea of adding any kind of bonus so that the source editions kept their original charm; that's why this one must be considered a 'complement' rather than a 'substitute'. Purists won't like the idea of labelling this as a 'birthday gig' because technically it took place on June 8th, but don't you usually celebrate the best part of your birthday precisely on the early morning of the following day? Moreover, this was a double birthday: Prince became 37 and O(+> became 2, hence the title '37/2'.

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