Return Of The Bump Squad 2CD
Catalog # 235/236
Release Year 1997   
2CD Length 41:13 | 52:48
Date/Venue Glam Slam, Miami Florida June 7, 1995 And Bonus Tracks
Source Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX / EX+
Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Miami 7/6/95 (disc 1 & disc 2 tracks 1 - 7)
Paisley Park rehearsal 1995 (disc 2 tracks 8 & 9)
Dr Mambo's Combo, Minneapolis 12/6/95 (disc 2 track 10)
Disc #1
  1. Endorphinmachine
  2. The jam
  3. Shhh!
  4. Days of wild
  5. Now
  6. Funky stuff
  7. The most beautiful girl in the world
              Disc #2
  1. P. control
  2. Letitgo
  3. Pink cashmere
  4. Loose!
  5. Count the days
  6. The return of the bump squad
  7. Outro.
  8. P. control
  9. Letitgo
  10. Everyday people / I want to take you higher

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
What a fantastic release! You won't find a better release of Gold Tour material than this. This was one of Prince's best bands, definitely the best of any NPG bands. The material being played at this time was sometimes better live than the released version (in my opinion). Songs like Count The Days, and Return of the Bump Squad are just superbly performed. This release leaves two big question marks though. Where is the rest of the show, and how come it wasn't included instead of the rehearsal material?

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
The Miami show is sadly missing the final 4 songs which is a great shame as there are no other soundboard shows in circulation from 1995 (an audience recording of the full show is on the June VII set). Even so, this is a very decent bootleg. The set is very similar to the concerts of the Gold/Ultimate live experience European tour aside from 'Count the days' (which has vocals by Sonny T. as per the album version) and 'The return of the bump squad' (a tremednously funky version sung by Prince). The bonus tracks don't really add a great deal - the short 5 minute portion of the 1995 rehearsal is available elsewhere and the tracks by Dr Mambo's Combo are not particularly memorable. But the superb sound quality of the Miami show makes this one to get.

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