Xpectation CD
Catalog # Sab 260
Release Year 2003
CD Length  71:31
Date/Venue Xpectation Album & Other
Source Soundboard Recordings / Official
Quality EX+
Rating 3.0/5.0

Track Listing
 Xpectation Album
1. Xhalation 2. Xcogitate 3. Xemplify 4. Xpectation 5. Xotica 6. Xogenous 7. Xpand 8. Xosphere 9. Xpedition

NPGMC Downloads
10. Silver Tongue 11. United States Of Division 12. Magnificent 13. The Dance

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album Contribution (Official Release)
14. Purple House

NPG Music Club Samples
15. NPG Music Club "Xenophobia" Samples

Candy Dulfer Live - North Sea Jazz Festival, JVC Statenhal, The Hague : 13th July 2001 (Audience Recording EX-)
16. Xotica

Mike's Comments(rates this release 3.0/5.0)
Of course the sound is perfect as this is just stolen NPGMC material. However, the lower rating comes from the fact that I just really dont like the instrumentals. Once you listen to them once, thats enough. However the saving grace of this release is the NPGMC downloads and the Jimi Hendrix cover. I guess if you are a person that prefers pressed silver releases, then this might appeal to you.

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