4/17/2018 - Added 2 New Eye Titles. Billy Sunglasses and Parade America.

5/1/2017 - Added 7 Sabotage releases, this means the complete Sabotage Catalog is now on the site.

1/27/2018 - Added Purple Rain Super Deluxe 7CD/DVD!!

4/1/2017 - Added Uniondale 1985 and Worcester 1985 from Eye Records.

10/1/2016 - Added Prince In Mono.

9/23/2016 - Added 3 more FBG titles and 3 Sab titles. More to come later....

9/20/2016 - Added 8 volumes of Work It. Also added 3 more Sab titles and 9 FBG titles. Work is going slow, but at least its going.

6/7/2016 - Added the complete bootleg audio listings for 4DaFunk and Sabotage to the links on the left nav menu. Just got to create the pages for them now! Happy Prince Day BTW!!! Peace and B Wild!!!

5/26/2016 - Added some bootlegs to the site

5/25/2016 - Added some bootlegs to the site

5/20/2016 - Added several DVDs to the # section.
Also added to audio section: CALI4NIAPOLIS(Eye)(3CD)

5/18/2016 - Added the following bootlegs to the site:
City Lights Remastered Vol 4 (6CD)

City Lights Remastered Vol 5 (6CD)
City Lights Remastered Vol 6 (6CD)
City Lights Remastered Vol 7 (6CD)
57 Inches More

4/27/2016 - Welcome to our new home here at 4thefunk.com!! Hopefully we can now grow the site. Plans are in the works..

4/21/2016 - R.I.P. Prince.

2/5/2013 - Finally did another update. I deleted the VCD section. People just don't care about VCDs anymore! The good news is that the DVDs are now in their place! Many pages still need to be created and pics uploaded, but at least its a start!

9/11/2012 - Well, its been 8 months since this site has had any kind of update, so I guess its overdue....Anyways, I added City Lights Remastered Vol 1 and Vol 2 (Sabotage), Love or Money Lotus Box and the Complete Earls Court London Recording.

Peace and B Wild!

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