Tennessee What You Do To Me 2CD
Fan Release
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Release Year
2CD Length 
Date/Venue Memphis, TN 8/23/1997
Source Audience Recording
Quality VG-
G2P Rating 1.5/5.0

Track Listing
The Pyramid, Memphis, TN 8/23/1997
01-Intro, 02-Jam of the year, 03-Talkin' loud and sayin' nothing, 04-Purple rain, 05-Little red corvette, 06-Get yo groove on/6, 07-The most beautiful girl in the World, 08-Face down, 09-Guitar improvisation, 10-Alphabet st, 11-Delirious, 12-When you were mine, 13-The cross, 14-One of us, 15-Do me baby medley, 16-Sexy MF, 17-If I was your girlfriend
01-The beautiful ones, 02-Diamonds and pearls, 03-Girls and boys, 04-Venus de milo, 05-Condition of the heart, 06-Tennessee what you do to me, 07-How come U don't call me anymore, 08-Take me with U, 09-Raspberry beret, 10-Mr happy outro, 11-Kiss, 12-Gett off, 13-When doves cry, 14-Tour highlight Medley

Mike's Comments(rates this release 1.5/5.0)
Another Tape to CDR transfer.


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