Purple Reign - The Prince Story 2CD
Fan Release
Catalog #
Release Year 2003
2CD Length 57.07 | 56.51
Date/Venue BBC radio broadcasts, 18th and 25th January 2003
Source Soundboard Recording
Quality EX+
G2P Rating 3.75/5.0

Track Listing
BBC radio broadcasts, 18th and 25th January 2003
Disc #1
  1. Introduction - the biggest star in the world
  2. Controversy
  3. 1999
  4. Vanity 6 & The Time
  5. Purple rain
  6. The Minneapolis sound
  7. Live and in rehearsals
  8. U got the look
  9. Sign "'O" the times
  10. Mazarati - Kiss
  11. Written, produced and arranged by...
  12. Jamie Starr, Alexander Nevermind, Gemini, Camille
  13. If I was your girlfriend
  14. Outro.
  15. Radio 2 outro. [not listed on sleeve]
              Disc #2
  1. Introduction / Resume
  2. Sex
  3. Black Album
  4. Rap - Dead on it
  5. Bob George
  6. Withdrawn!
  7. Spooky electric
  8. Batman
  9. Prince V Warners
  10. Frustrations and freedom
  11. Control
  12. Diminished creativity
  13. The truth
  14. The best Prince 90s montage...ever!
  15. New music. New methods. Celebration
  16. The rainbow children
  17. Outro.

Mike's Comments(rates this release 3.75/5.0)
Hosted by Mica Paris, these radio broadcasts feature many interviews with those associated with Prince over the years - Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Susan Rogers, Eric Leeds, Chaka Khan, George Clinton, Dr. Fink etc. The story largely unfolds as one would expect, as it is told in any of the half-decent books on Prince that are around. A couple of noteworthy moments though - (1) Dr Fink lets slip that Prince told him that he was abused as a child. (2) Susan Rogers hints at the allegation of Prince's ecstacy trip prior to the cancellation of The Black Album but neither she nor Mica Paris then addresses it head-on. This sums up the general non-critical approach that is taken throughout. Despite that the shows are well put together and are interspersed with tracks from various official releases which makes the whole thing flow nicely.


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