Artist: Prince
Title: Indigo Nights Live Sessions
Year: 2008
Label: NPG Records
Format: CD
Cat. no.: B07G4R5KCN
3121 07:44
Girls & Boys 04:05
The Song Of The Heart 01:39
Delirious 02:01
Just Like U(Monologue) 02:49
Satisfied 06:19
Beggin' Woman Blues 06:43
Rock Steady 06:37
Whole Lotta Love 04:42
Alphabet St. 06:09
Indigo Nights 03:41
Misty Blue 04:25
Baby Love 03:54
The One 09:08
All The Critics Love U In London 07:05

Produced, Arranged, Composed and Per4med* by: Prince

Trax released as singles:

"3121" contains renditions of The Entertainer (Scott Joplin), Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin), Music! Music! Music! (Bernie Baum and Stephan Weiss) and D.M.S.R. (Prince)
"Beggin' Woman Blues" Written by Prince, Pleasant Joseph (erroneously credited to "Joseph Pleasant"), Ben Raleigh, Hilda Taylor. Contains interpolations of Beggin' Woman and Three Handed Woman
"Rock Steady" Written by Aretha Franklin. Contains uncredited rendition of Whole Lotta Love (John Baldwin, John Bonham, James Patrick Page, Robert A. Plant and Willie Dixon)
"Whole Lotta Love" Written by John Baldwin, John Bonham, James Patrick Page, Robert A. Plant and Willie Dixon
"Misty Blue" Written by Bob Montgomery
"Baby Love" Written by B.B. Borden, Martin Keck, Joyce Kennedy, Gary Moore, Glenn Murdock, Jerry "Wizzard" Seay (credited only to Jerry Seay)
"The One" Contains uncredited instrumentation from The Question Of U

Prince - all vocals and instruments, except where noted
C.C. Dunham - drums
Joshua Dunham - bass guitar
Mr. Hayes - keyboards
Renato Neto - keyboards
Greg Boyer - trombone
Lee Hogans - trumpet
Mike Phillips - saxophone, vocoder
Marva King - vocals
Shelby J. - vocals, lead vocals on Misty Blue and Baby Love
Nandy McClean - background vocals (as part of "The Twinz")
Maya McClean - background vocals (as part of "The Twinz")
Beverly Knight - lead vocals on Rock Steady

Prince - Producer, arranger and engineer
Other credits given relate to 21 Nights book only.