Artist: Prince
Title: Graffiti Bridge
Year: 1990
Label: Paisley Park
Format: CD
Cat. no.: 27493-2
Can't Stop This Feeling I Got 04:25
New Power Generation 03:39
Release It (The Time)* 03:54
The Question Of U 03:59
Elephants & Flowers 03:54
Round And Round (Tevin Campbell) 03:55
We Can Funk (with George Clinton) 05:28
Joy In Repetition 04:53
Love Machine (The Time with Elisa)* 03:34
Tick, Tick, Bang 03:31
Shake! (The Time) 04:01
Thieves In The Temple 03:19
The Latest Fashion (The Time)** 04:02
Melody Cool (Mavis Staples) 03:39
Still Would Stand All Time 05:23
Graffiti Bridge 03:51
New Power Generation (pt. II) 02:57

Produced by: Prince

* Produced and arranged by Prince with Levi Seacer, Jr
** Produced and arranged by Prince with The Time

Trax released as singles:
Thieves In The Temple, New Power Generation, Shake! [The Time],
Melody Cool [Mavis Staples], Round And Round [Tevin Campbell]

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