Live 4 Love 2CD
Sabotage Records
Catalog # SAB 314/315
Release Year 2005
4CD Length 76:05 / 62:22
Date/Venue Earls Court, London 15th June 1992 + The Ryde Dyvine (Broadcast) - Paisley Park : December 1992
Source Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX+
Rating 4.75/5.0

Track Listing
Diamonds And Pearls Tour
Earls Court, London 15th June 1992
Disc 1

1. Spoken Intro 2. Take My Hand, Precious Lord 3. Thunder 4. Daddy Pop 5. Interlude 6. Diamonds And Pearls 7. Let's Go Crazy 8. Kiss 9. Dead On It 10. Jughead 11. Purple Rain 12. Live 4 Love 13. Lively Up Yourself 14. Willing And Able 15. Damn U 16. Sexy MF

Disc 2
1. Arabic Interlude [Habibi] 2. Thieves In The Temple (including It - Sexy MF)

The Ryde Dyvine (Broadcast) - Paisley Park : December 1992
3. Intro 4. The Ryde Dyvine (The Crayons) 5. Interlude 6. Get On Up (Carmen Electra) 7. Interlude 8. Let's Get Satisfied (George Clinton) 9. Interlude 10. My Tender Heart (Rosie Gaines) 11. Interlude 12. You Will Be Moved (Mavis Staples) 13. Interlude 14. Sexy MF 15. Love 2 The 9's 16. Damn U 17. Interlude 18. I Wanna Melt With U 19. Interlude 20. The Sacrifice Of Victor

Diamonds And Pearls Tour - Entertainment Centre, Sydney : April 1992
21. Live 4 Love

Fink's Comments  (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
Soundboards from the D&P tour are rare things indeed. This release opens (as their previous 24th June release does) with the female voice played over the PA before the show - I would have preferred it to be at the end of the disc, or not included at all as it is monotonous, uninteresting and will constantly be skipped over. The show itself is a basic, but energetic D&P concert. There is little to separate it from countless others, however the fast, ferocious 'Let's Go Crazy' and the stunningly cool 'Thieves In The Temple' are two obvious stand-outs. According to the accompanying booklet part of 'Thieves' from the 24th June show has been used as Sabotage's video source was incomplete - it is a flawless mix of the two and would normally go unnoticed. There is a slight drop-out during 'Dead On It' (again, due to the video source), however it is the only glitch. The remainder of the release contains 'The Ryde Dyvine' broadcast from 1992 and the NPGMC download of 'Live 4 Love' from Sydney 92. Both are nice additions and complement the London recording well, however they are hardly awe inspiring bonus tracks.

The booklet contains some beautiful artwork, and some notes from Sabotage regarding their inclusions on this set. Great show, good bonus tracks, and stunning artwork - overall a decent, if a little unadventurous release. A vastly improved London 15th June 1992 soundboard has since been released by "Eye" Records in 2008 on their 'Purple High Court' release.

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