An Entirely New Galaxy 2CD
Sabotage Records
Catalog # SAB 364/365
Release Year 2009
2CD Length N/A
Date/Venue Jay Leno 2009 Performances and Conga Room, L.A. 3/28/2009 and Club Nokia, L.A. 3/29/2009
Source Audience/Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX-
Rating 4.75/5.0

Track Listing
Disc 1
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - 25th March 2009

1 Introduction By Jay Leno
2 Purple Rain (Intro) - Olí Skool Company

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - 26th March 2009

3 Introduction By Jay Leno
4 Dreamer

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - 27th March 2009

5 Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful

The Conga Room, Los Angeles - 28h March 2009

6 Soundcheck - Prince Remembers Sonny T
7 Iím Yours
8 Colonized Mind
9 Chaos & Disorder
10 With A Little Help From My Friends
11 Prince Remembers Michael B.
12 I Like It There
13 All Shook Up
14 Empty Room
15 Peach
16 Spanish Castle Magic
17 When You Were Mine
18 Guitar
19 Prince Remembers Touring With Tamar
20 Dreamer

Club Nokia, Los Angeles - 29th March 2009

21 The Beautiful Ones
22 Nothing Compares 2 U

Disc 2
1 Under The Cherry Moon (Instrumental)
2 Dreaminí About U (Instrumental)
3 When I Lay May Hands On U
4 Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart
5 The Sun, The Moon And The Stars
6 Sometimes It Snows In April (Instrumental)
7 When The Lights Go Down - Over The Rainbow
8 Eye Love U But Eye Donít Trust U Anymore
9 Prince ĎDiss-Cussesí AEG Live
10 She Spoke 2 Me
11 In A Large Room With No Light
12 Sweet Thing (Featuring Chaka Khan)
13 Insatiable
14 Scandalous

Dean's Comments  (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
This is one of my favorite Bootlegs. An Entirely New Galaxy features great work from Prince in 2009 including The 3 nights he was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The 1st night he performed Olí Skool Company, the 2nd night he performed Dreamer and he totally wreck the stage, and the 3rd night he performed Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful. The 2 shows feature are from The Conga Room, Los Angeles 3/28/09, and Club Nokia, Los Angeles 3/29/09. The Conga Room show Prince remembers past band members like Sonny T., Micheal B., And touring with Tamar.

All of the guitar work on this set was excellent my favorites were when he did I'm Yours from the For You Album and his version of The Beatles " With A Little Help From My Friends", I love this to death. This set also features Prince discussing AEG and Sweet Thing which he performed with Chaka Khan. This is one for the collection while the Leno Performances are of course Soundboard, the rest of the set is an Audience Recording but a pretty good one.

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