Welcome 2 The New World CD
Catalog # 013
Release Year   
CD Length 66:18
Date/Venue Paisley Park 1996 & Various
Source Various Sources
Quality VG/EX
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Paisley Park 13 November 1996
Jam of the Year, Purple Rain, Get Yo Groove On, Joy in Repetition, If I was Your Girlfriend, One of Us
Letterman Show 1996 (Mislabeled on Sleeve)
Diner with Dolores
Today Show 1996
Love Sign (with Nona Gaye), Zannalee
Top of the Pops 1994
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Mustang Mix)
Minneaplois, August 1995
Good Life
Tokyo January 1996
Starfish and Coffee
Studio Outake
B-Side of Gold Single
Rock 'n' Roll is Alive (Tony Fly Mix)
White Room Sessions 1995
Count the Days, Get Wild


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