Vienna 29.5.1987 CD

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Release Year   
CD Length
Date/Venue 29 May 1987 Vienna
Source Audience
G2P Rating 4/5.0

Track Listing
29 May 1987 Vienna
sign o the times, play in the sunshine, little red corvette, housequake, the ballad of dorothy parker, four, girls and boys, slow love, i could never take the place of your man, if i was your girlfiend, let's go crazy, when doves cry, purple rain, 1999, forever in my life

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
Excellent sound for an audience recording with some rare performances of The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker and Four. A very enjoyable show. To my knowledge this is the only release of this superb show. Poor packaging.

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