Silver CD
Catalog #
Release Year 1994   
CD Length 60:21 | 58:56
Date/Venue Various
Source Soundboard
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outakes
prologue, however much you want, billy jack bitch, get wild, superhero, epilogue
Mayte Outakes
if i could get your attention, love's no fun, latino barbie doll, si te amo esta noche
PA audience recording
p control, eye hate u
Rex Club Paris Aug 31st 1993
Jailhouse Rock
from Interactive CDrom
interactive, race (a capella), loose (inst)
Glam Slam Ulysses
strays of the world, come, interactive, dolphin, pheromone, dark, loose, space, whats my name, endorphine machine, come, race, come, strays of the world, pope


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