Rock Over Germany 2CD/CD-Rom
Catalog # SAB010/011 /040
Release Year 1997   
2CD/CDromm Length 74:00 | 71:51 | N/A
Date/Venue 3 September 1993 Germany & Bonus Tracks
Source Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX-/EX+
Rating 4.75/5.0

Track Listing
Act II Tour Flugplatz, Luneburg 3rd September 1993
Disc 1

1. My Name Is Prince 2. Sexy MF (including Love 2 The 9's) 3. The Beautiful Ones 4. Let's Go Crazy 5. Kiss 6. Irresistible Bitch 7. She's Always In My Hair 8. Raspberry Beret 9. The Cross 10. Sign O' The Times 11. Purple Rain 12. Thunder 13. When Doves Cry 14. Nothing Compares 2 U 15. And God Created Woman 16. Diamonds And Pearls 17. Piano Instrumental 18. Venus De Milo 19. I Love U In Me 20. Strollin' 21. Scandalous 22. Girls And Boys 23. Arabic Intro - 7

Disc 2
1. Mayte's Speech 2. 1999 3. Baby I'm A Star 4. Rock The House 5. America 6. D.M.S.R. 7. Gett Off 8. Pope - It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night 9. Peach

Act II Tour - Arena, Sheffield : 2nd August 1993
10. Let's Go Crazy 11. Kiss 12. The Cross 13. Purple Rain

BBC Broadcasting House, London : 7th September 1993
14. 1999 15. Baby I'm A Star 16. Rock The House 17. America 18. D.M.S.R. 19. Pope 20. Jam - It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (including Take The A-Train) 21. Peach

Act II Tour Aftershow - Terminal 2, Munich : 28th August 1993 (am)
22. Kristine Backer Intro 23. Jailhouse Rock 24. Calhoun Square 25. Race 26. Instrumental Outro

Disc 3
CD-Rom (Quicktime)

Act II Tour - Donauinsel, Vienna : 25th August 1993
My Name Is Prince / Sexy MF (including Love 2 The 9's) / The Beautiful Ones / Let's Go Crazy / Kiss / Irresistible Bitch / She's Always In My Hair / Raspberry Beret / The Cross / Sign O' The Times / Purple Rain / Thunder - When Doves Cry - Nothing Compares 2 U - And God Created Woman - Diamonds And Pearls / Venus De Milo / Condition Of The Heart / Little Red Corvette / Strollin' / Scandalous / Girls And Boys / Arabic Intro - 7 / Mayte's Speech / 1999 / Baby I'm A Star / America / D.M.S.R. / Johnny / It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
What an odd release. The Lueneburg show is good with good sound quality. The sound quality starts low, but improves as the show goes on. This is the first Act II soundboard release. The Radio One segment is available on a number of releases including one from KTS called Do U Wanna Go Home? The bonus tracks are odd and frustrating. The 28 August tracks are no longer than 1 minute each. SUCKS! And, although the sound is superb, it's hard to hear only 50 seconds of a kick ass track. The tracklisting for these tracks is wrong on the packaging. 750 copies of this release was issued with a third CDR/CDrom that includes a 100 minute Quicktime video of the Vienna, Austria boot video that has been circulating on video for a while, an interactive Sabotage Prince catalog and jpeg versions of the same catalog. The video is broken into 4 tracked segments and is shown in a cool Director based GUI.

Mike's Comments (rates this release 5/5.0)
The Luneberg concert is superb: flawless sound, a few rarely performed tracks and an exciting performance. The bits and pieces that fill up disc 2 are also nice to have, in no small part due to the fantastic sound quality again. The tracks from the Munich aftershow are just 1-minute clips as that was all that MTV were allowed to broadcast. The Vienna video (running via Quicktime) is OK when watched in a very small window but does not resize at all well, probably due to the compression method used in squeezing the audio and video for an entire show onto one disc.

Dale's Comments (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
A phenomenal release, and perhaps the best document of an Act II show there is. This is the only circulating soundboard of an Act II concert, which itself makes this release great. The addition of the remaining bonus material just makes this even more appealing.

The Luneburg concert is a basic, but enjoyable show. Unusually there is no 'Little Red Corvette' played, hence the piano segment is very short. The encore includes a very bassy 'Pope', and closes with 'Peach', which include some added lyrics, including the line "I got a boner as big as a drum stick Michael used to play in 9th grade". The Sheffield tracks are from the cancelled radio broadcast of the show on Capitol FM, and have since become available in more complete form on Sabotage's 'Starlight Lounge'.

The Radio 1 concert broadcast again is a nice addition to the set, although they are already heavily circulating. The closing tracks from the Munich Act II aftershow are a strange bonus. They are taken from the MTV broadcast, and are each barely 45 seconds long - something of a tease.

I am aware that some versions of this release come with the Vienna 25th August 1993 Act II show, whilst others have the Wegberg 28th August 1993 Act II show. The packaging is very cool, however there is a tracklisting mistake on the back cover - no biggie. Overall though, an (as yet) unequalled release of 1993 soundboard/broadcast footage.

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