RAVE Un2 The Year 2000 2CDR
Blue Tuesday
Catalog # BT1/2
Release Year   
2CDR Length 56:04 | 56:37
Date/Venue Paisley Park December 18th 1999
Source PPV Special
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Paisley Park December 18th 1999
Let's go Crazy, She's always in my Hair, U got the look, Sample Medley, Kiss, Jungle Love, The Bird,American Woman, Fly Away, Gett Off, Gett Off Housestyle, Jam, Every day People, I want to take U higher, Purple Rain, The Christ, Purple House, Nothing Compares 2 U, Take me with U, Raspberry Beret, The Greatest Romance ever sold, Baby Knows, Millenium outro, Baby I'm A Star, 1999, Outro

Deane's Comments
Yet another CDR release of the PPV 2000 Concert.

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