Purple House 3CD
Catalog # 96/97/107
Release Year 2000  
3CD Length 66:17 | 70:27 | 77:35
Date/Venue London 15 Nov 1999, Paris 16 Nov 1999, Pari s1992, Canal+ 1994 & 1999
Source Audience
Quality VG/VG+
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Bataclan 16 November 1999
Drum Solo by O+>, Let's Go Crazy, Doing It To Death, Bustin Loose, The Jam, Everyday People, Imageddin, thankyou falettinme be mice elf, speech, red house, jam, kiss, gett off, gett off (housestyle), talkin loud and saying nothing, it's alright, push it up, release yourself
Bains Douche 1992
Gett Off, Sex Machine, Woodstock Blues, Jughead, Step 2 The Stage, Goldnigga's In the House
Endorphine Machine
Baby Knows, The Greatest Romance Intro, Alphabet Street, Everyday People, FInal Jam
Mermaid. London 15 November 1999
Let's Go Crazy, She's Always In My Hair, U Got The Look, Kiss Groove, Kiss, Gett Off, Gett Off Housestyle, Talkin Loud - It's Alright - Sex Machine, Purple House, The Jam, TGRTES, TGRES jam, Baby Knows, O+> Backstage Groove, Release Yourself


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