Paisley Park Extravaganza 3 CD
Catalog # SAB005
Release Year 1995 Holland 
CD Length 69:27
Date/Venue 18 September 1995, 7 October 1995 and KDWB FM 1995
Source Audience / Studio
Quality VG+/EX-
Rating 4.25/5.0

Track Listing
Paisley Park : 18th September 1995
1. Intro - The Jam 2. I Believe In You 3. The Cross 4. The Ride 5. Now 6. Babies Makin' Babies 7. Instrumental Jam 8. Rock N' Roll Is Alive 9. Sex Machine 10. Johnny 11. Return Of The Bump Squad 12. Get Wild (including Rock N' Roll Is Alive)

Paisley Park : 10th October 1995 (Listed as 7th October 1995)
13. We March 14. Love...Thy Will Be Done 15. Starfish And Coffee

16. Rock N' Rill Is Alive (Tony Fly Mix)

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
This disc includes the Gold Listening party on 18 September as well as three songs played after a video shoot in October and the Tony Fly mix of Rock N Roll Is Alive. The Gold Party is excellent. Again the packaging includes an eight page booklet which includes a copy of the Marriage Certificate.

Dales's Comments (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
The final instalment of Sabotage's fantastic Paisley Park 2cd set. This particular disc differs from the others as the show featured is the 18th September 1995 show played after a Gold Experience listening party was held. The show is far less structured than many from the same period with far more emphasis on loose jamming and various crowd chants. That said there is a stunning very guitar heavy version of 'The Cross' played. Tracks #7-10 are basically a long jam with various crowd call-and-chants centred around 'Rock N Roll Is Alive'. Next up is the short 15 minute set played after the filming of various video's for the Gold Experience and the Love 4 One Another broadcast on 10th October 1995 (listed as 7th October 1995 on the reverse sleeve).

The set includes a version of 'Love...Thy Will Be Done' which Prince dedicates to Time Warner for releasing the Gold Experience album. The final bonus track is the radio broadcast of 'Rock N Roll Is Alive' by the Minneapolis DJ Tony Fly. The sound quality throughout is consistently excellent, however the 10th October 1995 recording is rather heavy with a fair amount of audience noise. On it's own this is a great release, but combined with the other 2 discs from this 3cd set, it becomes a fantastic addition to an already quality filled release. A stunning early release from Sabotage.

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