Paisley Park Extravaganza 2 CD
Catalog # SAB04
Release Year 1995 Holland 
CD Length 75:56
Date/Venue 17 June 1995 part2 and New Power Madhouse
Source Audience / Studio
Quality VG/EX-
Rating 3.5/5.0

Track Listing
Paisley Park : 18th June 1995 (am)
1. Big Fun 2. The Jam 3. I Believe In You 4. Bud Light Interlude 5. Glam Slam Boogie 6. Volkswagen Blues 7. Santana Medley

New Power Madhouse (Studio Outtakes EX+)
8. 17 9. Rootie Kazootie 10. Space 11. Guitar Segue 12. Asswoop 13. Ethereal Segue 14. Parlor Games 15. Michael Segue 16. (Got 2) Give It Up 17. Sonny Segue

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
This is the second half of the show from Paisley Park Extravaganza1. Again the audience really ruins an excellent show. The addition of the New Power Madhouse tracks including the segue is nice. These can be found (without the segues) on Madhouse: A Girl And Her Puppy. Again the packaging is excellent with an eight page booklet that includes the lyrics to Chaos and Disorder and Volkeswagon Blues.

Dale's Comments (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
The first half of this disc contains the second half of the Paisley Park 18th June show (the first half can be found on Paisley Park Extravaganza Part 1). The quality is exactly the same as the previous half of the show, and it unfortunately suffers from the same problems with certain audience members as the first half does.

This portion of the show kicks off with a great version of 'Big Fun', and the show also appears to have the same microphone problems as the first half with Prince constantly shouting at the sound engineers to balance the levels out correctly. There is a track listed on here as 'Volkswagen Blues' which appears rather puzzling at first. It is listed on various on-line sites, along with Upton's The Vault book as being an unreleased track, but it is nothing more than a seemingly improvised version of BB King's "How Blue Can You Get" with Prince rearranging the lyrics to suit his own style - certainly not worthy of being classed as an unreleased track. The show closes with a very lengthy version of the 'Santana Medley'.

The second half of the disc is made up of the unreleased NPG 1995 project 'New Power Madhouse'. As with the other discs in this 3cd set, this comes with it's own jewel case and accompanying artwork - intended to be kept with the others in a cardboard warp-around sleeve. One of Sabotage's earliest releases, and a very high quality product containing a great Love 4 One Another Paisley Park concert from mid 1995.

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