Once In A Lifetime 2CD

Catalog #
Release Year   
2CD Length 73:55
Date/Venue Lakeland 1983 & Rehearsal
Source Audience/Sounboard
G2P Rating 3.625/5.0

Track Listing
The Civic, 1 February 1983 Lakeland, Florida
Controversy, Let's Work, Do Me Baby, Dmsr, How Come U Don'T Call Me Anymore, Lady Cab Driver, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Little Red Corvette, International Lover, 1999
Rehearsal Unknown Location And Date
Free, Let'S Pretend We're Married

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
This is a great soundboard recording of the 1999 tour. It is well worth having. The added rehearsals are not as good in sound quality and are just filler. The packaging is above average, but barely, for the period

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3.25/5.0)
A nice document from the 1999 tour, highlighted by an 8 minute rendition of How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?, and a rare performance of Lady Cab Driver.

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