Neon Rendezvous With Prince, A LP

Catalog # A Noon Rendezvous
Release Year   
LP Length
Date/Venue Rehearsal 1984
G2P Rating 3.75/5.0

Track Listing
Rehearsal 1984
Noon Rendezvous, Irresistable Bitch, I Gotta Shake This Feeling
Stuio Outtake 1983?
Sex Shooter

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3.75/5.0)
More complete releases of this rehearsal have appeared on a number of CDs, but this where it all started, The sound quality is pretty good for an LP release from this period. The sleeve is a big photo copy wrapped around a blank sleeve. I've seen the blank sleeves in a few different colors, but I think most of them are brown.

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