My Name Is God 2CD
Off Beat Records
Catalog # XXCD 3
Release Year   
2CD  Length
Date/Venue Patriot Center, Fairfax VA, 16 March 1993
G2P Rating 1.25/5.0

Track Listing
16 March 1993, Patriot Center, Fairfax VA
My Name Is Prince, Sexy MF, Damn U, The Morning Paper, Peach, Blue Light, The Continental-Tighten Up, The Flow, Sweet Baby-And God Created Woman-3 Chaines O' Gold, Whom it may Concern, 7, Let's Go Crazy, Kiss, Irresistible Bitch, She's always in my Hair, Insatiable, Scandalous, Gett Off, Get On Up, Purple Rain

Deane's Comments (rates this release 1.25/5.0)
Don't bother with this release. The sound quality is poor, the packing is bad and the show is not that good. Prince didn't even do an encore at this show. It is also floating around on video.

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