Late Night Shows Part2 2CD
Catalog # SAB032/33
Release Year 1998  
2CD Length 74:00 | 68:22
Date/Venue Denver October 1997 & Houston August 1997
Source Audience
Quality VG/VG+
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
The Church, Denver 5 October 1997
Instrumental (Chaka Khan On Drums?!), Play Time, Thank You (Faletinme Be Mice Elf Again), 777-9311, Ain't No Fun To Me, Colorado Jam, Days Of Wild, Jean Poerre, Tell Mw Something Good, I'll Take U There, I Got The Feeling, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Shout, Inst (Chaka Khan On Drums), I Like Funky Music, Johnny
The Roxy, Houston 10 August 1997
Playtime, Sweet Thing, Lovin You, P-Funk Medley, Jam Of The Year, Doug E Medley, Johnny, Do It On Film, Inst., Hotel Blues, Kiss, Chaka Khan Song???, Little Wing


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