Just My Imagination (12") 12"
Insect Records
Catalog # MX IST-001
Release Year   
12" Length
Date/Venue 18 August 1988 The Hague
Source Soundboard
Quality EX
G2P Rating 3.75/5.0

Track Listing
18 August 1988 The Hague
Just My Imagination, Still Would Stand All Time

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3.75/5.0)
An odd 12" with tracks from the much bootleg Small Club 2CD. Okay, normally a dis release like this, but I really enjoy this 12" of what I think are the two best tracks on the Small Club release. A printed label in the upper corner of this release states 'Limited Edition On Colored Vinyl, Taken from the Compact Disc SMALL CLUB IST8/9 Insect Records. Collect'em All'. I wonder how many it was limited to and why they used the 12" to promote the their CD release.

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