Jam, The CD
Possessed Productions
Catalog # PP0001
Release Year 1992 Japan 
CD Length 71:15
Date/Venue Detroit 1984? Outtakes, Rehearsal
Quality EX/VG
G2P Rating 3/5.0

Track Listing
Detroit 1984?
Africa Talks To You, Erotic City, Mutiny, Blues In G, Controversy Jam
Climax, Climax Extended Bass Line, Old Friends 4 Sale
Rehearsal Jam
'Feel Like Jamming'

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3/5.0)
This release has the most messed up tracklisting, and tracking. The disc lists 13 tracks including: (crosstown traffic, be alive, erotic jam, holly rock...). The actual disc is tracked as having six tracks. The first three are the live jam session. Tracks four and five are an instrumental known as Climax (the extended bass is a separate track). And finally, track six (36:56) starts with Old Friends 4 Sale and continues with a wild jam session known as Feel Like Jamming that has parts of Erotic City and consists mainly of a drum machine and Prince playing a bass. The date of this show has been under debate for sometime. I have recieved 7 or so emails claiming I have listed the date incorrectly on this release. So a little history about this debate. The package has no information. Orignally when it was release many sources listed the show to be First Avenue, 25 October 1984. Later a few fairly trustworthy sources thought that was in error and perhaps it was actually in Detroit, still in 1984, because Prince yells out 'detroit' during one of the jams. So, your guess is as good as mine. According to Uptown Issue 15, and again in Issue 25, it is a Detroit club gig in 1984.

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