Inner Sanctum, The (accounced) 2CDrom
Catalog # 036/039
Release Year   
2CDrom Length
Date/Venue Unreleased Video Footage (never released)
Source Broadcast
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Some Of The Unreleased Video Material
Archie's Bunker MPLS On June12th 1995, Paisley Park Rehearsal Dating August 23rd 95 (Pussy Control + Letitgo), Various 97 Soundboard Live Recordings, Live Segments Of Various ACTII Shows, EMANCIPATION Spots, A Classic Live Video Recording Of "BAMBI", A Duet With Lenny Kravitz Plus Many More Surprises: A Hidden Dip Of Mayte Dancing Topless, First Class Video Rarities

Deane's Comments
This config was never released, and it is really too bad as this would have been a much better release than what finally did get release

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