In The Flesh CD
Purple Tracks
Catalog # CDPT01
Release Year 1995  
CD Length 73:44
Date/Venue Studio Outakes
Source Soundboard
Quality VG
G2P Rating .5/5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outakes Taped From PA
Come, Endorphine Machine, Space, Pheromone, Race
Studio Outakes
I Hear Your Voice, Hold Me, Allegiance, Your Love Is So Hard, The Voice, Rebirth Of The Flesh, Play In The Sunshine, The Ball - Cyrstal Ball, Joy In Repetition

Deane's Comments (rates this release .5/5.0)
The altogether poor quality of these tracks and their heavy circulation makes this disc a real disappointment, unless you've just started collecting. The package is average with Act1 period images. The segued The Ball and Crystal Ball is a nice addition, but it is available on other releases.

copyright 2002