How Did I Get So Funky? 3CD
Free Boot Generation
Catalog # FBG 05
Release Year 2007
3CD Length 54:49 / 33:40 / 52:04
Date/Venue G-MEX, Manchester, 11th March 1995
Source Audience Recording
Quality VG+/EX-
Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Gold / Ultimate Live Experience Tour
G-MEX, Manchester, 11th March 1995
Disc 1

1. Intro 2. Endorphinmachine 3. The Jam 4. Shhh 5. Days Of Wild 6. Now (including Babies Makin' Babies) 7. Sex Machine 8. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 9. Pussy Control 10. Letitgo 11. Pink Cashmere 12. (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose

Disc 2
1. I Love U In Me 2. Johnny 3. 7 4. Segue 5. Get Wild 6. Gold

Disc 3
Gold / Ultimate Live Experience - GMEX, Manchester : 10th March 1995 (VG+)

1. Endorphinmachine 2. The Jam 3. Shhh 4. Days Of Wild 5. Now (including Babies Makin' Babies) 6. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 7. Pussy Control 8. Letitgo 9. Pink Cashmere 10. (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose

Fink's Comments  (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
Sourced from 2 uncirculating (until now) recordings these are both head and shoulders above what is circulating. Thankfully here the 11th March recording really leaves little to be critical about and is amongst the better of the entire tour. The audience are audible throughout and it would be only fair to say that a couple of females in proximity to the person recording can be slightly overpowering, however Prince is loud, clear and to the fore of the recording throughout. There are a few minutes of rustling at the start of 'I Love U In Me' where the mics appear to be getting moved, but otherwise I've nothing to complain about. The show itself is fairly typical of the tour and whilst there is nothing particularly rare played (perhaps with the exception of 'Sex Machine') it is a very enjoyable show - however it's also notable for the lack of jamming or extended improvisation.

The quality of the 10th March 3rd disc doesn't quite match the excellence of the 11th March recording, but is still very decent. It does improve as it goes along and 'Pussy Control' onwards is nearly as good as the 11th March recording. The recording is evidently incomplete, but what is here is remarkably similar to the following nights show in terms of content. Overall it's hard not to be impressed by the quality of both these recordings as this tour isn't known for producing excellent quality recordings. A great release for anyone with even a passing interest in this period of Prince's career.

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