Funky Vibrations CD
Dream Factory Records
Catalog # DFDC005-92
Release Year 1992  
CD Length 71:10
Date/Venue Studio Outakes And Rehearsals
Source Soundboard
Quality VG/VG+
G2P Rating 2/5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outakes
Vibrator, Screams Of Passion, Erotic City Jam, White Girls Jam
Lovesexy 1988 Rehearsals
Lovesexy, The Cross, I Wish U Heaven (3 Takes), Cross The Line

Deane's Comments (rates this release 2/5.0)
Odd collection of outakes and rehearsals. The Erotic Cty (8:35) And White Girls (10:55) Jams are both from 1983. The Cross The Line rehearsal is 35 minutes long. The sound quality is nothing special nor are the outakes.

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