Forever Today 2CDR
Down Low Records
Catalog #
Release Year   
2CDR Length
Date/Venue Today Show Performances
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
12 July 1994
9 July 1996
Dinner With Delores, Zannalee
3 December 1997
3 January 1997
Take Me With U, Raspberry Beret, Talking Loud And Sayin Nuttin
29 May 1998 Soundcheck
Free(Instr), Sweet Thing(Instr), Days Of Wild/Thank U, Everyday People, Come On, Days Of Wild/Thank U, Stop On By
29 May 1998 On Air
Free, Sweet Thing, Release Yourself
29 May 1998 Post Show
Days Of Wild, Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin), You Can Sing It If You Try, Everyday People, Just Be A Lady, One In A Million You, Purple Rain, I Want To Take You Higher/Alphabet St


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