Dream Factory Revisited CDR
Catalog # 9-30-0201
Release Year 2001 US 
CDR Length 77:30
Date/Venue Unreleased Dream Factory Album
Source Soundboard
Quality EX
G2P Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Visions, Dream Factory, Train, The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, It, Strange Releationship, Slow Love, Starfish & Coffee, Interlude, I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, Sign O' The Times, Crystal Ball, A Place In Heaven, Last heart, Witness 4 the Prosecution, Movie star, The Cross, All My Dreams

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
An excellent reworking of the unreleased Dream Factory album. Much better sound than the previous Thunderball release, along with beautiful packaging make this one a must. Many of the songs on this release are the same as the officially released songs from SOTT, but many of them are alternate versions as well. The song Train has to be one of the best unreleased songs I have heard, it's a very catchy Pop tune that you'll find yourself hummin' at work. Then there are the alternate versions of Strange Relationship and I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, they are only slightly different than the official releases, but nice to hear none-the-less. This album is supposed to be the final configuration of Dream Factory, just before it was shelved. Whether or not this is the configuration that would have been released can't really be said, just that this was the last configuration before the project was canceled.

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