Divinity CD

Catalog # DMX005
Release Year 1994  
CD Length 74:54
Date/Venue various sources
Source Various
Quality G/VG+
G2P Rating .75/5.0

Track Listing
TV interview 1980 (track 1)
Outtakes and demos 1983-84 (tracks 2 - 9)

Deane's Comments (rates this release .25/5.0)
This cd is for completists. The sound quality and tracking suck, and the packaging is nothing spectacular. If you can track down better sources for the songs on this cd I would recommend doing that.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 1/5.0)
I'll give them a half point for the concept, and another half for the packaging since I have seen worse, but the cd is still a waste of time depending on the size of your collection, and your 'completist' mentality.

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 1/5.0)
Many of the demos to Purple rain tracks are just a bit longer than the released versions, the exception being 'Purple rain' which is a long solo piano piece, largely instrumental. The last 3 tracks on the disc are not Purple rain outtakes as such though they were all recorded around the same time as that album. A reasonable compilation though The work volume 1 is better as it has more songs from the same period with better sound quality than here.

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