Diamonds and Pearls DVD
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Release Year 2003
DVD Length 
Date/Venue The Official Diamonds & Pearls Video collection
Source Soundboard, Type of DVD: DVD Compatible, Stereo Audio and Region Free.
Menus Yes
Quality EX+
UG2P Rating 5.0/5.0

Track Listing
The Official Diamonds & Pearls Video collection


Gett Off-Cream-Diamond & Pearls-Call the Law-Willing & Able-Insatiable-Strollin'-Money don't matter 2Nite. Plus live footage of: Thunder-Dr. Feelgood-Jughead-Live for Love

Mike's Comments(rates this release 5.0/5.0)
Released in 1991 along with his album of the same name 'Diamonds & Pearls' is essentially a collection of some of Prince's most impressive videos of the 90's. All of the 'Diamonds & Pearls' era vids were well choreographed and stylish and easily rank amongst Prince's best, and here they are all compiled along with some brief live performance footage from Prince's equally as impressive Diamonds & Pearls tour. The majority of the videos are excellent with 'Gett Off' and 'Cream' being the main highlights, the latter in it's full un-edited glory and lasting just under 10 minutes. In between the performance videos, you are treated to some insightful little interview snippets with all the N.P.G  members, including vocalist Rosie Gaines, bass player Sonny T., and :shudder: rapper Tony M. Slapped on the end of the video is, probably, the strongest point of the whole compilation - a live performance of  'Live 4 Love'. This alone, makes 'Diamonds & Pearls' well worth it's money. An essential purhcase it may not be, but 'D&P' showcases Prince at the commerical height of his career and any fans of Prince's 1991 album will love this. This time, Prince again was on target on who he picked to work with him. This is his best album of 1990's, and rightly so, as sales were great.

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