TV Appearances Vol 17 DVD
Catalog # CRFunk
Release Year 2009
DVD Length 120 Min.
Date/Venue HDTV Widescreen Broadcasts 2004-2009  
Source NTSC
Menu Yes
Quality EX / EX++
UG2P Rating 5.0/5.0

DVD Track Listing
Travis Smiley Show 04/27/2009

Prince Interview

Travis Smiley Show 04/28/2009
Prince Interview

Travis Smiley Show 02/19/2004
Reflection (with Wendy on Guitar)

Grammy Awards 02/11/2007
Prince Introduces Beyonce

NAACP Awards 03/02/2007
Prince Accepts Award

NCLR Alma Awards 06/05/2007
The Word / Get On The Boat / The Glamorous Life

Grammy Awards 02/10/2008
Prince Presents Award

Ellen DeGeneres Show 04-23-2009
Crimson and Clover

Mike's Comments(rates this release 5.0/5.0)
Containing all HDTV Widescreen Captures except for the 2007 Alma Awards, the quailty here is amazing!


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