City Lights: Atlanta CD
Superhero Records
Catalog # SBS01
Release Year 1995  
CD Length 51:08
Date/Venue Omni, Atlanta 6 March 1980
Source Soundboard
Quality EX
G2P Rating 4.875/5.0

Track Listing
6 March 1980, The Omni, Atlanta GA
  1. Soft and wet
  2. Why you wanna treat me so bad?
  3. Still waiting
  4. I feel for you
  5. Sexy dancer
  6. Just as long as we're together
  7. I wanna be your lover

Deane's Comments (rates this release 5/5.0)
This is the earliest known recording of Prince live. He was opening for Rick James and it is wonderful. The package includes an eight page book and period pictures. This is the first show in a set that includes nine classic soundboard recordings. City Lights is an amazing set and is an important document of early Prince performances.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
Sound Quality = Excellent...Performance = Excellent...Cover Artwork = Horrendous. Otherwise everything about this disc makes it a gem. Being that this is the opening act for the Rick James tour the set is actually pretty long, and there isn't much crowd noise (although you can hear quite a bit of support considering). This has to be the best live performance of Prince's early material that I have heard. There is a heartfelt performance of Still Waiting, a ten minute jam of Just As Long As We're Together during which Prince 'works' the band, and then he ends his set by getting the crowd pumped with an electric performance of his then popular hit I Wanna Be Your Lover [sic] lasting over 10 minutes.

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 5/5.0)
This is the earliest circulating Prince show and to have it in such supreme sound quality is a great bonus. Dating from his days on the Rick James tour, this show has the sort of setlist you would expect of a 1980 show as it focuses on the material most likely to be familiar to an audience not there to see a Prince set. The audience comes alive during the encore of  'I wanna be your lover' but it's odd they didn't appreciate other excellent performances such as 'Soft and wet' and 'Sexy dancer'. If you have any fondness for the Prince album then you'll love this.

Fink's Comments  (rates this release 5/5.0)
The earliest widely circulating recording of Prince's career taken from his stint as the opening act for Rick James. An excellent soundboard recording, and all the more remarkable considering it is almost 30 years old. The recording is unfortunately slightly incomplete, however that's more an observation than a complaint. There are a few minor flaws throughout, but again these are extremely minor. The recording recording starts abruptly during the opening 'Soft And Wet', the sound level slightly dips during 'Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad', and there is a 3 second drop-out during 'Just As Long As We're Together' - very small flaws considering the overall quality. The show itself is a fascinating look at Prince's early live career, and includes a rare live performance of 'Just As Long As We're Together' - something which is hard to find in all the performances through the years. An essential release in any collection.

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