Black MF in Les Bains CD

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CD Length
Date/Venue 4 March 1995 Wembley Arena London & PA Studio Tracks
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G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Les Bains Douches 11July 1992
Goldnigga, Black MF In The House, Call The Law, Gett Off, Sex Machine, Woodstock, Jughead, Step 2 The Stage
The Ryde Dyvine TV Special
The Sacrifice Of Victor, Sexy MF, Love 2 The 9's, Damn U, Eye Wanna Melt With U
Nude Tour Rehearsal
Jealous Again
Studio Outake

Deane's Comments
Incomplete release of a Diamonds & Pearls aftershow with some extra tracks. This is the most complete release of this show I know about. Jealous Again is a Black Crowes song Prince did in rehearsal in 1990. The Ryde Dyvine tracks are on a number of releases and don't really add to the release.

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