Birthday 85 CD

Catalog # 091-020
Release Year  France 
CD Length
Date/Venue 7 June 1985 St Paul
Quality VG-
G2P Rating 1/5.0

Track Listing
7 June 1985 Prom Center St Paul
Love Bizzare, Mutiny, Sometimes It Snows In April, Irresistible Bitch, Possessed, The Bird, Burn It, Holly Rock

Deane's Comments (rates this release 1/5.0)
By today's standard a rather poor recording, but an interesting show. Prince is very relaxed and having a great a time, this is always a good sign for a show. Mutiny and Irresistable Bitch are just great Jam sessions. The inclusion of Sometimes It Snows Is April is neat as it wouldn't be release for a year. There is no tracklisting on the poor packaging of this early release.

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