Arena 2CDR
Liberation Records
Catalog # LIB 16/17
Release Year 2000  
2CDR Length 61:38 | 73:57
Date/Venue Tampa 13 January 1998 and Miami 15 August 1997
Source Audience Recordings
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Ice Palace Arena, Tampa 13 January 1998
DAT intro, jam of the year , talkin` loud & sayin` nothing, let`s work, delirious, rock & roll is alive outro, purple rain (inc. speech) , little red corvette, i would die 4 u, six (inc. get yo groove on), the most beautiful girl in the world (inc. the glamorous life) , face down (inc. freaks on this side) , i could never take the place of your man, guitar solo, speech, the cross (inc. speech), dreamin` about u, do me baby medley, sexy mf, if i was your girlfriend, the ballad of dorothy parker, girls & boys, darling nikki, diamonds & pearls, how come u don`t call me anymore?, take me with u, raspberry beret, mr. happy outro (inc. falling down) , instrumental jam, baby i`m a star, 1999

Miami, 15 August 1997
DAT intro, jam of the year, talkin` loud & sayin` nothing (inc. i like funky music) , the most beautiful girl in the world, face down, guitar improvisation, when u were mine, the cross, one of us


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