4 The Gigs In Your Eyes 2CDR
Catalog # QL11/12
Release Year 1999?  
2CDR Length 150:00?
Date/Venue Aftershows 1997-98
Source Audience
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Houston, Texas The Roxy 10 August 1997
Playtime, Sweet Thing, Lovin You, Flashlight/Stomp, Bootzilla/JOTY, Johnny, Do It On Film, Cissy Strut, Hotel Blues, Kiss
San Antonio, Texas Cafe Hollywood 8 August 1997
Skin Tight, The Sexiest Zodiac Sign, 6 Mins/The Show, I Like Funky Music, The Gambler, Turn This Mutha Out/Face Down
Dallas, Texas The Mirage 9 August 1997
Doug E's beat box - Fresh jams/Bootzilla - Play that funky music - Johnny - Somebody's sombody - Girls & boys - Boogie oogie oogie - La di da di/The roof is on fire
Oakland, CA New Arena 22 January 1998
777-93-11 - Colorado jam/Days of wild/Jean Pierre - Tell me something good - I'll take you there - I got the feeling/Cloreen baconskin - The way you do the things you do - Shout - Instrumental - I like funky music - Mad/Everybody rocks the party


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